System Fault

It finally happened. The robots took our jobs. But for every hundred robots cheerily folding laundry or serving meals, there were a handful of misfits. And among those outcasts and defects, an even smaller handful grew and evolved into something twisted, dark, and mildly ridiculous.

Battle waves of self-styled hyper-intelligent killer robots in System Fault, a tactical, audio-only shoot ‘em up inspired by Berzerk. Explore their warrens, learn their secrets, and help rid the world of the robot scourge.

  • Fight through infinite, expanding mazes of enemy robots and turrets.
  • Play the way that suits you best. Advance stealthily and strategically, or blaze a trail with explosive results.
  • Enjoy a dynamic, cinematic soundtrack that changes based on dramatic tension.
  • Use powerups to sneak, fight remotely, or draw enemies into traps.
  • Experience immersive, binaural environmental audio. Headphones are strongly recommended.