It's Alive!

No, Lights Out Games isn’t dead. Far from it, in fact.

One might say I’ve taken the scenic route to build a game. Here is what I’ve accomplished since my last post over two years ago.

TTS-RS is a common interface to half a dozen text-to-speech systems. At time of writing, those include:

  • Windows
    • Screen readers/SAPI via Tolk
    • WinRT
  • Linux via Speech Dispatcher
  • macOS
    • AppKit on macOS 10.13 and below
    • AVFoundation on macOS 10.14 and above, and iOS
  • WebAssembly

Godot-TTS provides a higher-level Godot interface to the above library. It initializes a default speech engine for the target platform, exposes events as signals, and supports additional platforms that couldn’t be made to work directly in TTS-RS (Android and the web.)

Finally, Godot-Accessibility is where this all began. Using Godot-TTS, Godot-Accessibility is a screen reader for Godot-based user interfaces. It provides enough editor support to build games, along with access to any games using Godot’s UI framework.

And, having made giants, I was able to stand on their shoulders and create Onslaught. We have tons of audio-only Space Invaders clones, and I thought it was time for Asteroids to have its moment in the sun. Onslaught releases on Itch in a few weeks, with mobile and console releases hopefully following soon after.

I’ll be updating this space with general Lights Out Games news, but game release notes and discussions will happen mostly on Itch. There is also a Discord and mailing list. Learn about both on the community page.