System Fault Early Access Demo Released

So to be absolutely clear, I know you can see some things through walls. I know that the audio glitches out in places. The AI is probably smarter, and dumber, than you give it credit for. But as Dumbass 23 once wisely said, “Here, hold my beer.” I’m releasing an early access demo of the first three levels for free. That’s enough for you to meet all implemented robot types, and to have a few server room battles. If you play it, thank you. I’m embarrassed, but I have no regrets. I’ve decided that just because my work isn’t done doesn’t mean I should be ashamed of it.

System Fault Devlog 8

I’m rapidly advancing toward what I consider an early access demo. My goal is to have a free but limited version of the game available on or around the end of August, and launch early access orders in September. Read on to learn more!

System Fault Devlog 6

One trap I’d like to avoid falling into for this devlog is that of regurgitating the pithy advice you find over and over again in these sorts of posts. For better or worse, that isn’t happening here.

System Fault Devlog 4

No post last week, because I decided to prioritize having something to report over consistency. Fortunately, the migration to a real physics engine is mostly complete. Unfortunately, what remains has my brain leaking out through my ears.

System Fault Devlog 3

I’m sure some non-English language has a word for the concept of progress, even if it seems like you’ve taken 8 steps backwards. If so, that word would describe this week’s development rather nicely.

System Fault Devlog 1

This site has been quiet, for which I sincerely apologize. I have begun work on a new game, however, and am committing to post regular news on its development. To that end, I bring you…

Onslaught, Audio Asteroids, Released!

After roughly a year of development, and years of engine work, I’m proud to announce the release of Onslaught.

Frag asteroids and blast aliens in this fast-paced audio-only space shooter inspired by the classics. Onslaught is specifically for visually-impaired players, or for gamers seeking a fresh challenge.

  • Take on infinite levels of asteroids and aliens using only your ears to fly and shoot.
  • Play with headphones or in full surround sound.
  • Connect a controller for faster play and vibration feedback.
  • Use the embedded screen reader for multi-platform accessibility.
  • With support for Windows, Linux, and macOS, enjoy the same gameplay experience on more platforms than many other accessible games.

Purchase the game here, or read on for more details!